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In the 1950s every town had a diner where people would go to eat, hang-out and just pass the time of day with a burger, fries and milkshake. What the diner used to be in the fifties, Starbucks is now for the American public. People gather there to hang-out, study or just get a really good cup of coffee. But instead of being content with the simpler fare and slower pace of a bygone era, everything is now high-tech, fast paced, designer and very much a part of our microwave culture and society. When we apply rhetorical terms to Starbucks they are using their reputation (ethos) in the community to sway (pathos) emotions of their audience or customer base by using the issue of unsafe water to expand their economical base in the bottled water market (kairos).

The issue of unsafe water is a big public health concern. The Ethos Water site does a great job of appealing to the pathos, emotions of their viewer and customers by laying out the facts. 1.1 billion people, almost 20% of the world's population, lack access to safe water. Last year 2.2 million deaths were attributed to dirty water. Lack of access to clean water kills 4,500 children a day and a third of the world's population lives in water stressed countries. The statistics are horrifying and unless you're the most uncaring person in the world, you'd do something to help. It was a really smart kairos move by Starbucks to cash in the opportunity and the huge potential profits this campaign will bring them in the expanding bottled water industry.